Meghan’s Oprah Interview

I polled you all on Instagram for ideas to create a Bingo card. These were the top choices to put together on a card. I have made three versions so you can compete against each other, or you can just mark them off as you go.

You can play different ways–you can require the winner to get one full row diagonally, horizontally, or the first person to fill the whole card. Because all the boxes are the same, although the ordering is scrambled, filling the whole card won’t result in a competitive game. You could replace a few if you want to go that route.

Some of these boxes will be easy to fill, but a few might be hard. Hopefully, one won’t be filled, but…we shall see.

This is not a sophisticated Bingo, and it’s my first time putting one together. But, hopefully they work ok. I just made this in Apple’s Pages program, so you could also make your own cards. If you removed some answers and put in others, you could play to fill the whole card. I’d do more versions, but I have to read a whole line of Supreme Court cases before tomorrow, so this is the best I can do today… 😉

Happy Royal Watching tonight… 🙂

P.S. I am not doing this as a drinking game, because we’d all be blitzed within a quarter of an hour. I might sip some light champagne, I haven’t decided yet.